BackwoodsRC Pulling of TN


We are set up and hosting Combat robot events for the 2021 season!!  We are located in Chapel Hill Tn in a privately owned 4000 Square ft. facility with Climate controlled pit and combat areas. 

We have mobile 6x6 arena set up to safely handle up to 12lb combat robots. This year we are running 150g fairy weight, 1lb Metal/Printed ants as well as 3lb beetle class.  We will also be doing the termite Kit bots in factory configuration as a rumble style event. We are looking forward to a great year!!  

6051 nashville highway chapel hill Tn 37034

General Rules and House Rules

We follow S.P.A.R.C rules for combat robots but have general Ruleset for Safety and event structure.  The BWCR Rules are located here.