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Rules for 2016 / 2017 Pulling for Tn pulls. 

Rules for the No Limit World Championships

Sled Specs. 

Cash Pull Rules


 BackwoodsRC Pullers Of Tennessee

Rules for Cash Pull 2016

Fees for cash pulling are optional. For individuals just wanting to trophy and points pull a $25 per event fee will still apply. NR/CTPA members will pay $ 20.

1.       We will offer a 90% payout for cash pullers.

a)      70% for first place for the class

b)      20% for second Place

c)       10% goes to the house. 

2.       A $10 Event fee will be required for any person wanting to participate in cash pull.

3.       A $10 per vehicle fee will be required for cash pulls (no limit on number of vehicles at this time)

Example:     In a class with 20 trucks

                      1st Place 70% =$140

                      2nd Place 20%=$40

                      House will receive 10%= $20 for the class

4.       Cash pullers will still be eligible for points and trophies.

5.       If an individual gets first or second place that is not participating in the cash pull the first position participating cash puller will receive the money. The non-participating first place puller will receive the points and of trophy for the first place position. 

6.       All other rules in place will apply. This is something we are going to for a few pulls before deciding if we are going to keep the option.  

7.       For obvious reasons vehicles participating in the class will be tech’ed immediately after the round.

8.       I would like to stress the fact that cash or gamblers pulling is completely optional.  We will test it out for a few pulls per season as see how it goes.



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